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About Us

Hoosier Racing Tire Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the dominant, customer driven, provider of racing tires to racing teams domestically and internationally.

Our Corporation's existence and continued success are dependent upon how well we meet our responsibilities to serve our customers by providing safe quality products to amateur and professional motor sports.


With over 50 years of experience, Hoosier Racing Tire is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world and produces over 1,000 different types of race tires. Hoosier is known for producing high-quality, high-performance tires designed for champions. Dedicated to providing racers with consistent results, Hoosier manufactures all its tires with the most advanced compounds and tread patterns and delivers unbeatable traction on any strip or track.

Providing high-performance race tires for Kansas and Nebraska, Hoosier Tire Great Plains has the experience to help. We understand racing because we are racers. We offer a complete and diverse line of race tires - from dirt tires to drag tires to motocross tires, providing all Motorsports racers with tires designed for maximum results. With decades of racing experience, you can trust us to be your race tire distributor.

Physical Address:

Mel Hambelton Ford. 11771 W. Kellogg. Wichita, Kansas 67209.